Selling your Property
with Concord

We're a hybrid estate agent which means you have the flexibility to move YOUR way. We offer a traditional estate agency service and a fixed-fee online option.

Your selling options

*Buyers do not have to use our mortgage broker to organise their mortgage. We only require that they have an appointment with the broker to ensure that they have the means to proceed with their purchase. This can save valuable time as problems can be dealt with early on.

Preparing to sell

1. Get an instant valuation

Find out how much your home could be worth with our Instant Valuation Tool.

Seen your neighbour’s house up for sale and wondered whether yours is worth as much or more? With our instant valuation tool you can enter a few details and get an immediate idea of how much your home is worth.** We will contact you for a chat and if you are seriously considering selling our Expert Valuer will be happy to pay you a visit. If you are just curious, that’s fine too, and we won’t hassle you.

If you are wondering how much you could rent your home for our Instant Valuation Tool can provide a rental valuation too. Just enter a few details to get an idea of the approximate rental value. If you need any further advice one of our Lettings Experts would be happy to talk to you.

**The tool works on sold prices of similar properties in the area. It does not take any improvements or extensions into account. If you have done a significant amount of work to your property since purchase then our Valuer would be happy to visit to provide an estimate

2. Book a free valuation

To book a free valuation, just complete the contact form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a suitable time and date to come and see you.

3. Get your property ready

Getting your home ready to be put on the market is important because you want to show it off at its very best. Our Property Experts have a lot of experience in preparing a house for sale. If you need any advice on what to do please feel free to give us a call. Some general advice is:

  • Clear away as much clutter as possible. The photographer is there to make your home stand out with stunning professional photos. Reducing clutter makes a big difference to the appeal of a property and allows potential buyers to ‘visualise’ your home as their own. We can work with you to achieve a good impression.
  • Do those small jobs you’ve been putting off so buyers don’t feel the need to lower their offer. It is a fact that a buyer will reduce the price by what they believe to be the cost of refurbishment.
  • Tidy the garden: you may not be able to put everything away – after all it is your home – but it does pay to cut the grass, tidy children’s toys away, clear the gutters and wash the windows. This reinforces how well your property is cared for and buyers are less likely to assume hidden maintenance issues, which may be expensive.
  • Consider making small improvements such as replacing the bathroom suite if it’s tired or dated. This could cost as little as £2,000 but could raise the value of your home by £5,000.
  • Buyers often find it difficult to see past strong colours so consider whether a repaint would help sell your home faster.
  • Take advice from your agent. Our Property Professionals have many years of experience and a balanced view of what is likely to sell your home more quickly. We will give you an honest view of what would make a difference and help you achieve the best possible price. We understand that you may not be able to nor want to make your house a ‘show home’ but some small adjustments can have great benefits.

How we market your property

SLR camera on a tripod

We take quality photographs

At Concord we use a professional photographer to take great photos with a wide angle lens to show off as much of each room as possible without distortions. We offer an enhanced marketing package to cover the cost of the photographs.

We create bespoke leaflets

For each property we produce a full colour brochure with all the property details, a selection of photographs, floor plan and EPC. Potential buyers are sent a copy by email or given a paper version. Brochures are available in our offices for potential buyers to collect.

We do targeted marketing

We are constantly looking for a buyer for your property and one way is to match buyers to properties from our database of applicants.

We advertise on online platforms

Your home will be advertised on our website and all the major property portals including Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, On The Market. In addition your property will be displayed on our 32” digital screen in our high street window.

What our clients say

It’s always a pleasure to ring Concord. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Landlady, Manningtree

You have been brilliant! Thank you.

Tenant, Ipswich

It is a pleasure to deal with an agency that is so on the ball.

Managing Agent, Dedham

You look after people which is why you get referals and repeat clients.

Landlord, Dedham

Thank you for your excellent service in selling our house.

Vendor, Manningtree

Thank you very much for going above and beyond to make me feel settled in my new home. I really appreciate all your help.

Tenant, Wivenhoe

Thanks for everything you have done. You were very efficient. I shall certainly refer you to others.

Landlord, Ipswich